How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

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There are always several tricks to install Windows 10 on your laptop or PC. one of the best and easiest way i am going to tell you, for that way you must be having a Windows installation Drive.

Having a Hard copy of Windows 10

Before you jump into installing windows 10 on your laptop or desktop, you must be having hard copy of windows. Once you have that, you are ready to go for installation. Once you have hard copy( DVD, Flesh Drive or HDD) of Windows 10, You must insert it into you laptop or desktop. Restart your system or turn on if it’s not turned on (Make sure to turn on system then restart if you are already running windows 8 or above to select boot drive).

Select boot drive

Once you have inserted your windows disc into laptop, press F12 or DEL key instantly depending on your system manufacturer before your PC starts to boot from old windows. You are on the screen where you need to select your Windows DISK from where you want to install windows. Select the Drive and hit enter. Now your PC will start configuring from installation drive.

Setup to start installation

After you have selected Windows drive you will have to wait for some moments till you get language selection screen. On the language selection screen you will select language, time zone and keyboard input method and click Next.

You will see install now on next screen. Click on Install now. It will take few moments to start setup. It may ask you for Windows activation key but don’t worry you have an option to Skip, It may also ask you for windows version you want to install (This selection depends on your Windows Drive). You must select the version of windows you want to install. You must also select the Agreement of windows and click Next.

Here is the most important part to select, you will see something like “Which type of installation do you want”. Select the below one “Custom”

Selecting drive to install Windows and finalizing setup

Next screen after “custom” selection will ask you,“Where do you want install Windows”. You will select drive where you want to install windows and you can Delete, Format and Create partition from here. Click Next after you have selected partition where you want to install windows. You need to wait around 15 minutes now. Your PC will restart several times. You must not press any key until it asks you for product activation key or connect to WIFI. Click “DO THIS LATER” If it asks for product activation key. Click on “Use express setting” and after some moments it will ask you to Enter User name and Password then click Next. Wait for some moments and you are Done.

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