How to track a cell phone or mobile number location for free

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Steps to remember every time even if you do not loose phone.

You will simply need to enable android device manager in your android smart phone.
You must configure your google account in your android device.
Just go to Setting>Lock Screen And Security Setting>Device administrator Enable android device manager seeing this picture below.

Now that you have done above, let’s get started.
You must have lost your phone many times but it’s really difficult to get back your phone.

But don’t worry about your lost phone. Just simply visit to Android Device Manager log in to your google account configured in your lost phone. What you can do with it.

  1. Ring your phone even it’s on silent or DO NOT DISTURB mode.
  2. Lock your phone remotely or change password.
  3. Erase complete data of your phone.

Find it using PC

You need to visit the site clicking here and log in to your google account.
You will see below interface. In-fact it is very handy to use this service on your PC rather than mobile phone, but still we will let you know that how you can do the same using the Mobile Application Below.

Find my phone

Do it using your phone

You need to just download an application named “Android Device Manager” play store by clicking here, open this app and log in to google account. You will find below interface.

Fine my phone on android

You can also see above video for more info

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