Make your computer work faster using SSD

As we all know that the computer industry is growing very fast for the last decade. Manufacturers are making very small and fast chips and processors due to very high competition in the industry. If you are looking to get a high-performance system, you may have to pay a very high cost to get one. In this article, we will learn how you can make your existing PC work faster. Although it’s not very difficult to make your computer work faster. You must read all the information given to learn the concept and do it yourself.

Additional Hardware

You will need to get and install an SSD to make your computer work faster. Where we say “Computer”, that means a Laptop or a Desktop. Installing SSD on your computer is not a difficult task, so you will read and be able to install it on your own. Currently, you may be using an HDD on your computer that’s why you are looking to make your computer work faster. You can leave this page here if you are currently using SSD in your computer.

Types of storage device

  • HDD (Hard disk drive)
  • SSHD (Solid-state Hybrid drive)
  • SSD (Solid-state drive)

What is HDD

HDD is the drive that comes in almost every low budget computer. However, SSDs are a bit expensive and comes in heavily priced computers. Since we are learning about how you can make your computer work faster, we will not talk much about HDD. Basically HDD has one or multiple moving platters and it uses the magnetic storage to store the digital data. HDD has a particular data transfer speed up to around 200MB/s. Since Windows has thousands of files working at the same time, it a difficult for HDD to manage a good amount of speed and best performance. This type of drive may cost you very cheap. You can buy one here.

HDD Hard disk drive)
HDD Hard disk drive)

What is SSHD

This type of drive has a part of HDD and SDD as well. In SSHD you will get limited storage of SDD e.g. 16/32 GB and the rest will be HDD. SSHD will automatically store the most used windows files to SDD to make your computer work faster. However, this is not at all recommended to use instead of SSD. You should rather go with HDD or SSD if you want to make your computer faster. You can buy SSHD here if you still want to buy it.

SSHD (Solid state Hybrid drive)
SSHD (Solid state Hybrid drive)

What is SSD

SSD is basically a drive that does not have any moving objects like platters. However, it comes like a chipset similar to an SD card or Processor, but it is not as simple to understand as it seems to be. SSDs are basically 2 types. 1:- NVMe & 2:- SATA SSD. NVMe type of SSD looks like RAM but is has the connectors on the right side as shown in the picture. There is also an M.2 SSD that comes in the category of NVMe. Small NVMe is faster than normal SATA SSD. SATA SSD looks the same as HDD from outside but it’s very lightweight and faster than HDD. SSD has a speed of around 6GB/s which is way faster than HDD. You must always use the SSD if you want to make your computer work faster. Being the fastest device, SSDs are the most expensive. You can buy one here.


Which drive should you use to make your computer work faster

As we have explained above that the SSDs are most fast in terms of data transfer speed. You should always go with SSD if you want to make your computer work faster. However, you must have the available ports to connect SSD to. Moreover, your computer may support a SATA SSD or an NVMe SSD. Hence, it is required to check the available ports on your computer. Since we are working on Lenovo Ideapad 520 and we are using SSD and HDD inside a single machine. We have inserted the SSD using Caddy.

Available ports

You must first check the ports available in your machine. It is very easy for Desktop as there are many ports and much space inside the cabinet. It is a bit challenging for you to insert SSD in a laptop as there are limited ports. You may have a DVD and HHD inside your laptop or just a single HDD and no DVD. Most of the time you have HDD and NVMe port if there is no DVD RW. Below you will read if you have limited numbers of ports in your laptop.

Find the right SSD

Importance of SSD to boost your computer speed

It is extremely important to find the right type of SSD for it to be inserted into your Laptop. It will depend on the ports available inside your Laptop. Let’s look at how you can figure it out.

Time to check the ports: You need to unopen the screws of your Laptop to check the ports. We recommend you to ask experts help with this to avoid any damage. Cheap with good quality screwdrivers can be found here for your need.

Your computer has only HDD port: If your computer has only one HHD port, you have only the choice to replace the existing HDD with a new SSD. However, you can convert the existing HDD into a portable HDD using casing that can be connected to a VIA USB cable. Make sure to buy the supportable casing that fits your HDD.

Your computer has HDD and a DVD RW port: In this scenario, you have the option to remove your DVD RW and insert SSD. However, you have to buy a Caddy to fit your SSD into as the DVD RW and SSD have different ports.

Your computer has SSD, NVMe, and DVD ports: If these are the ports available on your Laptop, you must go with NVMe type of SSD as this is faster than SATA SSD.

Required SSD storage: If you are using only SSD, you may require 1TB or 2TB SSD depending on your need. However, 240GB or 500GB of SSD is enough if you have SSD with HDD as you will need to install OS only on this SSD.

BIOS changes required

You may need to change the BIOS setting in order to install OS on a drive you just inserted. in our case we have changed the BIOS to every possible setting but we have to remove the HDD while installing Windows or resetting the OS. We tried this without removing HDD and it failed to load the OS and the system went into problems that could be fixed with a fresh installation of windows. However, you have to figure out the BIOS setting depending on your Laptop manufacturer.

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