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We all know that most of us are using multiple devices like Android, IOS, or Windows devices. It becomes very difficult to share data from a device to another. Hence, Google has come up with a solution where you can Sync your computer with google drive, not only your computer but all of your devices. Also, there are many Cloud drive providers you can check out from, e.g.: iCloud from Apple which is only for Apple users, One drive from Microsoft for any user, Dropbox for any user, and many more.

What is a cloud drive

Cloud drive is a service that provides you the ability to sync your data between the devices. Few cloud drives have the option to sync the only phone and few of them have the option to sync Computer and web-based file availability. However, we are looking at the Cloud drive service which will allow you to sync your across all major platforms, e.g. Windows computer, MAC, IOS, and Android platform. To be precise, we are looking at Google Drive to know that how you can sync Google Drive across devices.

What is Google Drive

Google Drive is one of Google’s product which allows you to Sync your data across devices. Once you start using an Android device and create a Google account, by default you will have access to Google Drive. Moreover, Google will allow you to access all it’s products e.g Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and so on. Google will allow you to store 15 GB of data for free which can be consumed by Gmail, Google Photos, or Google Drive. You can even buy more storage from Google drive. Considering the Google server speed, the price of storage is way cheaper than other cloud storage providers.

How to Sync Google Drive across devices

Synchronizing across devices is easy, you just need to download Google Drive form PlayStore or AppStore and login into Google account. You can also visit Google Drive’s official website to use web-based files. You will be able to download and upload files on the Application or its website.

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Benefits of Syncing

Once you have set up Sync your computer with Google Drive, You will no longer need to connect the devices to share data with devices, and you will be able to share Photos, Videos, etc. from Google drive to Social media from any device. And also you can edit the picture on the PC which you have taken on Phone. You can share pictures edited on PC via phone to Social media.

How to Sync your computer with Google Drive (Setup guide)

  • Go to Google Drive> Click on setting gear>Select get drive for desktop as shown in the picture.
Get Google Drive for Desktop
Get Google Drive for Desktop
  • Click on Download button to start downloading and install on your MAC or PC. You can also download for Android or IOS from here.
Download Get Google Drive for Desktop and Mobile
Download Get Google Drive for Desktop and Mobile
  • Install the Google Drive software you have just downloaded.
  • This software will automatically start on your computer as shown in the Left picture (Make sure to minimize all other applications to see it). You can also find it in Start>All applications as shown in the right picture.
  • The next step is to click on Get started as shown above in the left picture.
  • Once you have clicked on Get started, you will get a window that will ask you to enter your credentials to log in to Google Account.
  • You might need to approve your login from your phone if you have opted for Two-Step Verification.
Login to Google Drive for computer
Login to Google Drive for computer
  • Once you have logged in to your Google account, make sure to follow the below settings to Sync as per your requirements.
    • Uncheck Desktop, Documents, and Pictures which is checked by default or it will sync your checked folders, where folder desktop has most of the shortcuts which will never work on any devices except the device these are on. Documents and pictures also have files that we might want to sync. Moreover, you can check these folders if you still want to sync these folders. You can also select the folders you want to sync other than the My drive folder that comes by default in Google drive. However, we can sync other folders with some other way which you will read later.
    • Photo and video upload size:- You can select either High quality (free unlimited storage) or Original quality (XYZ storage left).
      • High quality (free unlimited storage):- You can upload
Selecting Google Drive's folder to Sync
Selecting Google Drive’s folder to Sync
  • Now in the final step, you have to select Sync My Drive to this computer as shown under Google Drive’s logo in the below image. You also have to check Sync everything in my drive (xxx GB) and click on Start at the Right Bottom.
Google drive setup final step
Google drive setup final step
  • Once you are done setting up your Google account, your computer will refresh and will close almost all the running software. You have to make sure that you do not have any unsaved data on your software. This will also create the Google Drive folder’s shortcut on desktop along with the Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides which you can delete later. You will be able to check the status or Google Drive and files uploading on the System tray.

Sync computer folders

You will be easily able to Sync any folder on your Computer. Right click > Google Drive > Sync this folder.

You can stop the Syncing of the folder by Right click > Google Drive > Stop Syncing this folder.

Sync and un-sync computer folders to Google Drive
Sync and un-sync computer folders to Google Drive

You can also check the Folders on Google Drive mobile application as shown below.

The left image shows the normal UI of Google drive under Files. To check the folders that are being synchronized, Go to Files > Computer. Here you will see the numbers of computers being synchronized. You can open the folder to check the folders of a specific computer and also you can remove the computer as shown in the right image.

Check the folders being synchronized
Check the folders being synchronized

Check the Synchronization status

You can check the Synchronization status on your computer for a specific folder. Go to that folder and check the status where files are being synchronized and where files have been synchronized as shown in the picture below.

You can also check the live status on System tray > Google Drive icon.

Check Synchronization  status
Check Synchronization status
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