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You may have come across many cases where any of your friends have lost a smartphone. Although it was not easy for you to track your phone until you read this article. Now it will be very easy for you to track your phone. In this article, you will read about Android phones only, we will write about how to track your phone for IOS phone in some other article.

Below are the basic precautions to keep in mind which will help you to track your phone if unfortunately, you tend to lose it.

You have to enable some inbuilt features in your Android device to find your phone later.

Follow the below instructions. These may differ depending on your custom Android OS.
Setting>Lock Screen And Security Setting>Device administrator Enable android device manager as shown in the picture below.

Fine my Phone
Device administration page

You will not be able to track your phone if the above feature was not turned on on your phone before you have lost your Android device. However, there is always a solution to get it thought the Legel department/police.

It’s time to track your phone. Visit the Android Device Manager and login to your Google account which you have configured in your phone that has been lost.

Options you can track with

  1. Ring your phone even it’s on silent or “DO NOT DISTURB” mode.
  2. Lock your phone remotely or change your password.
  3. Erase complete data of your phone.
  4. Track your phone.

Find it using PC

You need to visit the site clicking here and log in to your google account.
You will see the below interface. In fact, it is very handy to use this service on your PC rather than a mobile phone, but still, we will let you know that how you can do the same using the Mobile Application Below.

Find my phone

Do it using your phone

You need to just download an application named “Android Device Manager” play store by clicking here, open this app and log in to google account. You will find the below interface.

Fine my phone on android

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