Where Modi was wrong on “Digital Camera” claim

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Modi lied on digital camera
Modi on digital camera

Did PM really have Digital Camera in 1987-88?

Would you believe if i say for an Indian to have a digital camera and use email in 1988 as claimed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Facts to substantiate his claim are very hard to find.

In response to a question during his interview with News Nation television channel, the Prime Minister claimed: “Perhaps i was the first one to use a digital camera in 1987-88 and at that point of time there were very few people to have an email account. There was a rally of Advani in Viramgan (a place in Gujrat) and i clicked a picture of him on my digital camera…. I had the camera at that time. Later i transmitted the photo to Delhi and it was published in color on the next day. Advani was surprised that how color photo got published”! Can you imagine before around 20 Years we could not get the color photo next day.

When was camera introduced?

Available literature suggests the first camera was called the electronic still camera. It was patented in 1978, according to the New York Times blog.

Was it in India?

However these cameras were not available commercially in the market of India at that time.

Technology website ‘Mashable’ reported that many of the camera makers introduced multi-thousand droller electronic still camera for the professional market. Which includes Canon with RC-701 and Nikon with its QC-1000C, in the mid 1980s.

Anyone could buy this Camera?

“Even if that camera was introduced in India in 1990, anyone could have got that before Modi in India through a family/friend gift from a foreign country. We have to keep in mind that digital gadgets were one of the favorite gift till 2000s by an foreign friend or family”, said Faisal Kaswoosa, Founder and Chief Analyst at market research firm techARC.

What about E-mail & internet?

But using the email to sent photo was an even more far-fetched idea in 1990s.

Internet did start in India in 1986, but that was (ERNET) Educational Research Network project”, Kaswoosa said.

Internet was officially rolled out in India in 1995.

Political reactions!

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s claims, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi Sahab tweeted: “@PMO India ke paas batwa nahi tha (Kyonki paise nahi the!) lekin 1988 mein digital camera aur email tha? (The Prime Minister did not have the wallet and the money but did he have camera and the email at that time?)”

“All of this would really be funny if it was not embarrasing. A PM who will literally say anything that comes to his mind cannot be trusted with our nation security”, Owaisi added. He seems to be true in this case.

Congress MP Rajeev Satav said that the Prime Minister has claimed that he used digital camera and email service before their advent in India.

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