Why use Signal over WhatsApp

Why Signal???

Why is Privacy important?

Recently you might have heard about everyone talking WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and why are people so concerned about it?

So here is the thing that WhatsApp came with the new policy in which it’s openly saying to you that it will share some of your data with the Facebook companies. What are these companies? Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram so basically all those are owned by Facebook. Before this, there was a checked button through the setting such that I don’t want my information to be shared but now that option has been removed so you have left with no choice either you agree or stop using WhatsApp.

What kind of data is being shared?

As WhatsApp is based on end-to-end encryption so it might not be able to read your text message but it can share your other data such as what type of mobile device you’re using, your operating system you’re running, your battery life, your signal strength and more importantly your IP address which is enough to know your approximate location.

But Facebook Messenger and Instagram messenger doesn’t have an end–to–end encryption. i.e if Facebook and Instagram want they can see the content of your messages. You might have noticed that if you message your friend on Facebook that you want to learn guitar and later on you might have noticed the next day how guitar ads appear on Facebook and Instagram and also on various applications and sites. Whatever message you send the algorithm picks up keywords from there and you’re shown the targeted ads accordingly so that you will buy or you will remember their Brand name when it’s come to buying. It’s simple repetitive exposure.

So how to avoid all this mess? And keep yourself private

Here comes the solution: Why Signal is the better alternative application?


The signal came into existence because all the other messaging apps sell your personal data to the other business firm and your privacy is easily breached.

The signal is a private messaging app that unexpectedly focuses on your privacy and makes sure that all your private data is secured. Even the privacy advocate Edward Snowden, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, Tech mogul Elon Musk and many more tweets about Signal and recommend using it. The major reason behind this is that Signal is an independent non-profit organization that also it’s open-source. It’s not tied with any other companies and states that they will never.

Development is supported by grants and donations from the people who support privacy and because of this there won’t be any ads on Signal nor will be in the future. Now you can freely share text, voice messages, photos, videos, and files without worrying about your data being sold or getting hacked.

It’s more than just an encrypted messaging app. It provides you with the security of not storing any of your data private. Even Signal couldn’t read your messages or hear your call whereas other applications like Facebook and Instagram can.

Signal believes in state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption which means whatever message you send would be decrypted at the receiver if anyone tries to hack in will only end up with gibberish text. Its end to end encryption is not only for individual messages but also for groups. No, Cellebrite cannot break Signal encryption.

Some security researchers argue that the Signal encryption protocol is better and more bulletproof than any other messaging application.

You can switch to Telegram but it has limited features compared to Signal. Also, the end-to-end encryption is only for individual chats and not for the group also you have to switch on it manually.

But on Signal everything you send or share is end-to-end encrypted Not only does the Signal contain all the necessary features you require but also gives you some more features that help you to stay more private.


  • No Ads
  • No tracking
  • Signal does not store any of your data.
  • Disappearing message is a unique feature which deletes your message after a particular time you set up.

Once you pick up the video call, the app doesn’t show your face directly, you have to click on the video icon after that to show your face on the other side.

Secure camera

A blur tool is a unique tool in the camera where you can blur any part of the image or documents you want to censor.

Signal blur feature

When someone who isn’t in your contact list directly messages you or adds you to a group you can quickly see more options before accepting the request, deleting it, or blocking the conversation. Directly message you on Signal.

Negative impact on WhatsApp

Millions of WhatsApp user turned to use Signal after a twee by Elon Musk. However, WhatsApp has now postponed the privacy policy release date.

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